The truth is hard

To the editor:

A recent letter to the editor asks, why truth is so hard? What happened on Jan. 6, is well documented, both as far as people being let in and taking selfies with the Capitol guards, as well as Capitol Police fighting and tear gassing “aggressive” protesters.

Unfortunately, a woman who was one of the peaceful protesters was trampled to death. She was the second victim that was not a personal medical issue.

The reason that I say aggressive protesters, is that it reminds me of the vernacular used to describe the summer rioters that are responsible for the deaths of over fifty people, over two billion damages, and hundreds of injuries to both police and bystanders.

Remember the statement, the protests “intensified” after dark? It reminds me of such words and phrases as newspeak, double fake news, group think, and thought crimes.

Perhaps George Orwell’s books, 1984 and Animal Farm, should be required reading to get a high school diploma or GED.

Hopefully, the brainwashing and indoctrination that, for over forty years which has been passed off as “education,” haven’t completely turned our youth into mindless zombies. I’ll let some other individuals address the issue of “teaching” impressionable young children, what is now called “sex education.”

Getting back to Dec. 14, 2020, did our glorious governor commit both a criminal and unconstitutional act, when she used our state police to bar Republicans from being present at the election certification for Joe Biden?

Also, with five now found to be FBI informants in the plot to kidnap our governor, would that improve her stock to be on the ticket for vice president? Maybe sooner if Biden has to be removed for medical issues.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Reports now link as many as 12 FBI informants to the case against Wolverine Watchmen, the militia group involved in the Gov. Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping plot.


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