To the editor:

A few years ago, I spoke with an individual contractor about a job he was doing for the state and I asked, “Isn’t that kind of expensive?”

He said, “We don’t worry about that because there’s always more money where that came from!” 

Now whether that is state or federal monies, or county, township or village monies, or even grants, they all come from you, the taxpayer. Here in Houghton County, we have three private nursing homes and one county care facility. Canal View charges approximately $8,000 per month, so why do they need our tax money, if private care is a similar amount, without public tax money. Why do we need to pass more mileage for this care facility? Everything seems to cost more when one is getting government funding because the source (we, the taxpayer) never runs out.

Also, as far as a new jail, it was originally designed to have a second story, which should be possible. Or why couldn’t a few counties get together to have a new jail as in other areas and states?

We’re also paying more millage for all the new schools and fund the Copper Country Intermediate School District as well. The CCISD gets over $5 million in local, state and federal monies! $5 million for the General Education Fund. An additional $6+ million for the Special Education Funds. This includes approximately $2 million for staff and administration for both funds!!!

So when these millages come up for renewal, this is something to consider and think about.


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