Talking legacy

To the editor:

The legacy of a person, in this case a man, is the impact that he has had on the people and the events that surrounded his life. I’m referring to my husband Brian J. McLean. His achievement to earn that title of sheriff with the votes from the people of Houghton County was his greatest accomplishment in his career.

Brian’s most endearing quality was the fact that he loved people. He loved talking to them, listening to them, being with them and helping them. I believe that gift, was truly the legacy that he left with all of the people of Houghton County.

As the members of the Houghton County Sheriff Selection Committee deliber to make the selection of the next sheriff for Houghton County, I hope that they will keep the legacy of the “gifts” Brian left in consideration. Brian’s employees of the Sheriff’s Department gained so much from his mentorship and guidance and have the ability to continue this work for the benefit of the department. He always said that the, “Sheriff’s Department was the peoples’ department.”

The notoriety of holding the position of sheriff is a strong reason that some may have applied for this position. To be able to claim the title of “sheriff” is a big feather in anyone’s cap. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they have the ability to carryout the responsibilities that are required to do it well.

Brian hired staff within his department that can handle these responsibilities and have shown their true characters of why they want to do it. That reason is to serve the people of Houghton County and to them serve responsibly.

I know that my husband’s wishes would have been for his staff, Mr. Kevin Coppo or Mr. Josh Saarinen to succeed him during this transition. I ask, on behalf of my husband Brian J. McLean, that the Honorable Fraser T. Strome, Ms. Brittany Bulleit and Ms. Jennifer Kelly follow through with the wishes of the late and honorable Sheriff Brian J. McLean.


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