The times, they are a-changing

To the editor:

The Powers That Be in our public health “community” have been busy lately. Not honing data more precisely. Nor studying repurposed medicines. Nor monitoring vaccine reactions. Nor investigating “gain of function” research. Not even establishing where the virus originated– information crucial to knowing how to proceed in future.

No, they don’t have time for such things. But they have time to rewrite history. Especially medical history. So that medical history and terminology appear to agree with whatever the “authorities” tell us. (And will appear to have always done so.)

For instance, the definition of “vaccine” is being swiftly altered in medical publications. For over 100 years, that definition included “immunization” as its essential component. Now? The definition is subtly altered so that classical immunization is no longer an integral part of the new definition, currently morphing to something not too different from a good therapeutic. Lowered expectations, anyone?

Likewise, “immunity” has been redefined to play down natural immunity. In fact, natural immunity is now virtually omitted from many definitions. Is your head spinning yet?

Even the definition of “anti-vaxxer” has changed. It had always referred to people who oppose all or nearly all vaccines. Now? The definition is “expanded” to include anyone who questions vaccination mandates — even doctors who routinely vaccinate themselves and their patients!

Until a few weeks ago, everyone opposed vaccination mandates — Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, even Anthony Fauci. (We have the tapes.) But when the power elite decided to reverse course, suddenly it became despicable to remain true to what was previously the norm. Amazing.

The media instantly transformed itself into an anti-anti-mandate machine. Anti-mandate NFL player Aaron Rodgers is excoriated even by sports media who frequently overlook actual criminal behavior in top players. Rest assured, they do not overlook this. They are shocked that Rodgers was not candid about his vaccination status.

Let’s get real. People who claim it’s about lying…. are lying. They are actually furious because Rodgers challenged the “consensus” — which apparently is sacred, no matter how recent or how artificial its creation. (Or maybe because of its recent and artificial creation.)

Our country once had basic principles that could be altered only after serious discussion. Now? We turn on a dime. And then develop instant — yet robust — amnesia! It’s impressive. It’s not healthy or ethical…. but it’s impressive.

In fact, even Orwell would be impressed.


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