Faith perspective: Babies baffle biologists

The Bible teaches that until several centuries after the flood all people on Earth spoke the same language. The fact that many supposedly unrelated languages have similar sounding words with the same or similar meanings supports this teaching. Some language researchers say this is simply due to chance. Now some language researchers say that they have developed another line of research that supports the belief that all humans once spoke the same language.

The ability to speak should not be taken lightly. We’re told that 70 different muscles and body parts are required. At a couple months old babies start babbling. Before 10 months old all babies make consonant and vowel sounds. Babies also own three unmistakable patterns.

Then they found that these three patterns are also common among infants from a wide range of language groups around the world. Researchers compared infants from a wide range of language groups around the world. Researchers comparing infants from varying language groups then identified a fourth pattern among all groups. These findings have been interpreted as independent evidence that all people once spoke one language. Ref: Science News, 5-27-00, pp. 344-346, “Building Blocks of Talk.” Also, 2023 CreationMoments.com

Born-again Christians trust what the Bible says because it is God’s word. From the creation of distinct kinds of creatures to the overwhelming geological evidence of the Genesis flood, to the dispersion of people groups and languages for constructing the Tower of Babel (read Genesis 11:1-9), to the history of Israel, to the historical validation of the Gospel accounts and the Resurrection of Christ, the Bible has been validated repeatedly. Where it speaks of future history, we also trust God.

Revisiting Easter, in Matthew 11:24-25 Jesus said, “I am the resurrection and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die.” Reader, wake up! Repent from stupid, hurtful sins. Find freedom to live right, to help others. Think you’re a Christian already? Any “Christian” not invested in sharing the Gospel with lost people is no Christian at all. Don’t be one of them. Be happy. Follow Jesus.

Marilyn Sager



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