An event that keeps growing

It is true the Fourth of July is only two weeks away.

We know that by the fact the NHL and NBA playoffs finally just ended.

If you were to ask me what the main topic out on the street regarding sports is now, the answer usually would be the baseball playoffs or the opening of NFL training camps.

But one of the major things still being talked about in the Copper Country is the U.P. high school regional basketball game between Dollar Bay and North Central.

I’m amazed at how many people have that classic game on their minds.

Maybe it’s because North Central was such an iconic team — one that not only broke but shattered — Chassell’s record-setting 65-game win streak.

The Jets feat will certainly go down in history, just as the 1956-58 Panthers did for setting the original record more than a half-century ago.

Players like Jason Whitens, Dawson Bilski and Bobby Kleiman will live on in U.P. folklore for as long as Don Mattson, Terry Pokela and Tom Peters did for Chassell all those years ago

Most observers are still shaking their heads in wonderment by the performance of Dollar Bay and scoring ace Devin Schmitz in the 75-73 loss to NC.

The Blue Bolts were a very good team and Schmitz was a lights-out shooter once he got it going.

But the outcome stunned me, because I covered a game between Wakefield and Dollar Bay this past season in which the Bolts eked out a 42-30 win. That DB total was just two less than Schmitz tallied against North Central in the regional game.

With Schmitz and most of the cast returning next season, it’s almost certain that Dollar Bay will be a force to reckon with next winter.

The only thing I can think of that remains left in this saga would be for the athletic directors at North Central and Dollar Bay to schedule an early season game between the two schools.

The game could be played at a neutral site (L’Anse or Crystal Falls sound about right). Schedule it on a Saturday night for full exposure.

The Jets win streak is at 83 games and that would attract a big crowd on its own merit.

The Blue Bolts would certainly bring along a large contingent of fans and hoops fans from all around would certainly flock there.

That being said, it’s not likely to happen. Just a thought.