Greed is the owners main goal

Should this country ever land on Mars, Neptune or wherever, it’s almost a certainty that some professional sports franchise will immediately set up a game there.

After years and years of staging make-believe games overseas, the greedy owners may have established a low when when they had the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox play a recent two-game series in London Stadium.

The stadium is normally reserved for soccer, a sport that Englishmen fervently hold above everything else. And American baseball hadn’t been played since 1993

Now, pro teams from the U.S. have been playing games in merry olde London for decades.

The NFL schedules at least two games a season in hopes of landing a franchise across the pond.

But the matchup of the power-hitting Yankees and Red Sox was a joke. The teams played 17-13 and 13-8 games (won by New York) that used the cozy confines to pile up runs.

A 17-13 game is not a baseball game, it’s closer to football. And there are some NFL teams that would be hard-pressed to accumulate that much offense in a game.

MLB spokesmen hinted that this just might be “the tip of the sword.”

They used the rather obscure fact that Minnesota Twins’ outfielder Max Kepler was born in Berlin — ostensibly hinting that city might be a future site.

Sorry, guys. That bird is just not going to fly.

India, China and even Vietnam, have also been mentioned as future locations for baseball. Again …. no chance.

I thought baseball had long overstepped its bounds in scheduling games overseas. After all, two major league teams play a series in Japan every year.

The National Hockey League has also taken a step or two towards global expansion.

To tell the truth, I think Russia, Sweden and Finland would be legitimate sites for hockey.

Those hockey-mad countries have already sent plenty of players to the states …