Peterson: Playoffs show NFL’s future

Those football fans who are curious about the future of the National Football League got a good look at it this past weekend.

I don’t think there’s much doubt that younger — and much quicker — quarterbacks are the wave of the future.

Kansas City’s Patrick Mahomes and San Francisco’s Jimmy Garrapolo clearly showed they are ready to replace such legends as Tom Brady of the Patriots and Aaron Rodgers of the Packers.

And there are a handful of other quarterbacks in their 20’s who are on the cusp of success in the league.

Age is the one thing even the all-time football greats can’t evade. Or for that matter, athletes in any sport.

Brady was fortunate to be surrounded by other great players in New England, and to be guided by a great coach.

For Rodgers, that wasn’t always the case. He made do with just average receivers and he did it well.

Why the two, Brady in particular, don’t retire before the next season begins is a mystery. The Hall of Fame beckons and he already has enough money to live comfortably.

Ditto for Rodgers. He’ll be a sure first ballot HOF pick and he certainly has the dough (with all the commercial revenue) to leave the cold climes of Wisconsin.

Their respective teams are also due to fall back in the standings.

New England coach Bill Belechick is almost certain to retire when his quarterback leaves … seeing the handwriting on the wall.

The Packers fortunes are also going to take a dip in the near future.

The team was very fortunate that just about everything went their way this season — including the calls by the referees.

Any team that didn’t lead even one second in two games versus the hapless Detroit Lions this season (a stat that still leaves me scratching my head) is not ready to dominate.

And the risk of a serious injury is something that Brady and Rodgers should be very cognizant of.

Will it happen? Hard to say, but it could.


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