Peterson: MHSAA acted in haste

The words — and brickbats — have been flying ever since the decision was made by the Michigan High Athletic Association last month.

The action effectively ended the high school football season — at least until next spring.

At first, I sort of went along with the MHSAA action. But now that I’ve had time to mull it over, I believe the organization may have acted in haste.

This is not a politically motivated decision on my part. That’s unlike some other segments of the population who have chosen to make the issue a political football. No pun intended.

After watching prep football games from Ohio, Indiana, Texas (and even North Dakota) and other states on the tube this weekend, you have to wonder why football isn’t being played in Michigan.

Now, our state is one of the leading high school football regions in the nation … you can readily tell that by the number of college recruits that come out of here.

But for states like Ohio, Iowa and Texas to be playing right now could send the wrong message.

If you don’t believe that Michigan football is going to suffer, look at the number of athletes who are choosing to transfer elsewhere to play the sport.

Still, this is a matter of health over everything else and it’s hard to dispute that.

But the so far positive results coming out of the states playing is another factor.

If they are able to get in a full season without negative outcomes, it’s going to make the MHSAA decision foolish.

I can understand why the Big 10 and some other leagues decided to scrap the fall season.

The vast number of athletes involved was going to make it very difficult to play without running smack into the COVID-19 problem.

It’s not hard to see why athletes, particularly seniors, in Michigan have been put off by the no-play ruling. For the most part, their careers are done.

The National Football League is going ahead with their season, albeit in front of empty stadiums.

That could change as the season progresses. Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has already said he wants fans attending home games in the near future. And Jerry Jones usually gets what he wants.

I am still having trouble seeing empty seats in places like Dallas and Green Bay, which thrives on their screaming faithful.

The answers to this once-in-a-lifetime scenario are still out there, however.


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