Peterson: Athletes deserve kudos

In this once-in-a-lifetime pandemic crisis, there’s no shortage of blame to go around.

First off, you can point an accusing finger at China, which failed to properly warn other countries of the problem. The Chinese should be dealt a long — and serious — penalty.

Secondly, you have to look at our elected officials in Washington, D.C, who took a laissez faire about the pandemic, and caused it to worsen.

The latest legal action over COVID-19 in Michigan has effectively ended the football, and quite possibly, the volleyball postseasons with a three-week embargo.

This comes on the heels of last winter’s suspension of sports. That ended the basketball and hockey seasons for all teams.

Not only did it end seasons for teams, it ended careers for many athletes.

The Calumet High hockey team is a prime example. The Copper Kings had already arrived downstate and were preparing for a state semi-final contest when the bad news arrived.

Now, this was a very good CHS team — one with the talent to bring home a state championship.

Those kids will never know if they could have won a state crown.

The Dollar Bay-Tamarack City High boys basketball team was preparing for a district championship meeting with a good Chassell team when its season was short-circuited.

The Blue Bolts, who had made it to the state semis two years running, never had the chance to see if they could have done it again.

Michigan Tech’s men’s basketball team, and its all-time scorer Kyle Monroe, were stopped as they got ready for the NCAA Division II playoffs.

And the list goes on and on all over the state.

No one knows if the football (doubtful) and volleyball postseasons will be continued.

Calumet was putting together an unbeaten season in volleyball. And the Copper Kings certainly had to be one of the favorites to grab all the honors.

Still, all of these teams mentioned have continued to work hard and strive for their goal.

They, along with the medical and law enforcement support teams, are the real heroes in this dilemma.

One can only hope the winter prep and college sports will not be affected by COVID-19.

Combined with what has been lost already, that would be a terrible tragedy.


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