Lakes girls, Copper Kings boys win in Hancock

HANCOCK — The Lake Linden-Hubbell Lakes came away with first place at the Hancock Invite Tuesday with an overall score of 155 and the Calumet Copper Kings boys got first prize with 171 points overall. The Copper Kings finished first in the 800-medley relay, the 400-meter relay and the 400-meter dash.

“We don’t have a big team, but we have quality (athletes),” said Calumet coach Arnie Kinnunen. “We’ve placed in just about every event except for the mile and the two-mile. With what we’ve brought, we’ve had some quality performances in all events.”

Gary Giusfredi, Lake Linden coach, was happy with how his team competed throughout the afternoon. The 200-meter dash saw a first place finish from Lakes junior Carter Crouch with a time of 24.62. With a high jump of 5-foot-10, Cole Gregoire won the event for the Lakes.

“Well, we performed pretty well overall I think,” Giusfredi said. “Their were a couple of events that we would’ve liked to have seen gone a little differently. Our sprinters ran pretty well. Joslynn Perala had a pretty good day. Our sprinters were probably a highlight. We improved times on all of those (and) we placed high in all of the events.”

The Chassell Panthers girls took the 3200-meter relay with a finish of 10:55.12.

“The team has done a great job throughout the season” said Chassell coach Michelle Miller. “They keep improving. We’ve had a lot of great performances at this meet and at the previous ones.

“Our girls team took first in the two mile and they are hoping to (beat) our school record. They ran the 1600-meter at a previous meet and were only a few seconds away from a school record. So they are shooting for that.”

“We had Shannon Rantamaki (do well) in the shot put, (where she) threw a personal record,” said Miller. “We had two of our girls run the 400-meter dash for the first time and took second and third place. The boys in the mile all (set) personal records for the season so far (and) had great mile times. We’re just going to be working on getting ready for the regional meet next Friday.”

Surrounding schools are preparing for the Houghton County Meet.

The Houghton County Meet is coming up on Friday,” said Giusfredi. “It kind of looks like we’re going to have a practice day tomorrow (Thursday) and then the next day is going to be snowy and rainy, (so) we have one day to prepare for that (meet). At this point, we just like to be able to get outside and get around that track a little bit.”

Kinnunen is still looking for his teams to get a little sharper.

“We’ve got to keep the boys healthy and we’ve got to practice and sharpen up our handoffs in the relays,” he said. “Just keep getting stronger and keep a positive attitude. My whole track team stuck out today. We a bunch of firsts, we’re going to wait and see how this is done but we could potentially have four boys with all first place (finishes).”


1. Lake Linden-Hubbell, 155.00; 2, Chassell, 86.00; 3, Hancock, 80.00; 4, Ontonagon, 76; 5, Calumet, 57; 6, Ewen-Trout Creek, 28.

3200-meter relay: Chassell Schools, 10:55.12

100-meter hurdles: Mackenzie Peters, Calumet, 17.25.

100-meter dash: Joslynn Perala, Lake Linden-Hubbell, 13.56

800-meter relay: Lake Linden-Hubbell, 1:58.78

1600-meter run: Ellie Sturos, Hancock, 5:43.59

400-meter relay: Jaden Rilei, Carli Jacques, Alexis Strom, Mackenzie Peters, Calumet, 55.15

400-meter dash: Mariah Willmer, Lake Linden-Hubbell, 1:05.96

300-meter hurdles: Nicole Lukkari, Ontonagon, 54.06

800-meter run: Mariah Willmer, Lake Linden-Hubbell, 2:35.78

200-meter dash:

3200-meter run: Lela Rautiola, Chassell, 13:03.50

1600-meter relay: Hancock, 4:33.81

Discus: Holly Wardynski, Ontonagon, 97-feet-9

Shot put: Shannon Rantamaki, Chassell, 28-feet -4

High jump:

Pole vault: MacKenzie LePage, Lake Linden-Hubbell, 8-feet-1

Long jump: Karena Holmstrom, Hancock, 14-feet-9.75


1, Calumet, 171; 2, Lake Linden-Hubbell, 113; 3, Dollar Bay, 61; 4, Chassell, 52; 4, L’Anse, 45; 5, Ontonagon, 30

3200 Meter Relay: Dollar Bay; 9:12.25

110-meter hurdles: Jensen Schneiderhan, Calumet, 17.22

100-meter dash: Travis Ojala, Calumet, 11.88

800-meter relay: Jensen Schneiderhan, Dryden Nelson, Andrew Lundquist, Travis Ojala, Calumet, 1:40.06.

1600-meter run: Nikolas Thomas, Ewen Trout Creek, 4:57.40

400-meter relay: Matt Ojala, Dryden Nelson, Nick Djerf, Travis Ojala, Calumet, 46.81.

400-meter dash: Matt Ojala, Calumet, 53.90.

300-meter hurdles: Jensen Schneiderhan, Calumet, 44.31

800-meter run: Noah Lukkari, Ontonagon, 2:14.03.

200-meter dash: Carter Crouch, Lake Linden-Hubbell, 24.62.

3200-meter run: Davin Hill, Dollar Bay, 11:01.00

1600-meter relay: Andrew Lundquist, Eli McParlan, Jensen Schneiderhan, Matt Ojala, Calumet, 3:53.22.

Shot put: Jayden Gariepy, Calumet, 39-feet-8.5

High Jump: Cole Gregoire, Lake Linden-Hubbell, 5-feet-10

Pole vault: Austin Salani, Hancock, 13-feet

Long jump: Cole Gregoire, Lake Linden-Hubbell, 18-feet-11.75