Dream remains to reopen speedway: Volunteers still want to open Adventure Mountain

Skip Schulz/For the Gazette A small group of organizers are trying to bring Stock Car Racing back to the Western UP. This is a picture from years ago in the Pure Stock class at Adventure Mountain Speedway in Greenland.

While organizers trying to bring Adventure Mountain Speedway in Greenland were not able to re-open the 1/3rd-mile clay stock car race track this summer, they are not giving up on trying to open the track in the summer of 2020.

After preliminary work by volunteers was done this spring and this summer, those involved in trying to bring the track back to life realized that a lot more work has to be done to make the track “race-ready.”

“The biggest hurdle is the money it is going to take for the track lighting,” said Larry Grieg. “Then we need the money for guard-rails, fencing, the official’s booth, and a lot of other necessities.”

Grieg also stated that he is hoping he can convince a husband-wife team that has been with him in the initial planning stages to take over the promoter position.

A few individuals went to the Mountain Lions last fall to get permission to reopen the track. The Mountain Lions own the track and have agreed to work with the team that wants to put in the work necessary.

Skip Schulz/For the Gazette If organizers of bringing stock car racing back to Adventure Mountain Speedway are successful in finding the financial support for the track, one of the races in the summer of 2020 will be a major Midwest Modified Special, such as the one driven here by Greenland’s George Truscott.

The Mountain Lions would continue to use the race fan purchases of 50/50 raffle as a fundraiser for the volunteer, non-profit organization. The Mountain Lions annually donate over a $1,000 to many local and national projects and organizations.

“This summer, we are going to continue to try to find volunteers to help us with whatever they can do,” said Grieg. “We had Wascher Trucking, along with Dishaw Logging that has helped us out. Plus we have had volunteers go and mow the fan and pit areas.”

According to Grieg, the main hurdle is going to be the electrical service and lighting for the track.

“This has been a problem at the track for years, and this is going to take more than just an electric contractor, and a lot of money,” he said. “It’s money right now that we need to get this track running next summer.”

If the volunteers working on reopening the track can find help and the dollars to reopen the track, organizers are looking at running between four and eight races next summer. They plan on returning to racing on Friday nights.

“We will have some big ‘sponsor-driven’ special races in addition to a regular slate of classes,” Grieg said. “Right now we are looking at Midwest modifieds, street stock, and pure stock.

If the track is safe enough, we may include the junior sprints, and the motorcycle-motor, high speed micro sprint 600’s.”

Grieg is very clear about what is most important.

“Bottom line is the bottom line,” he said. “First is to get local businesses to help us out financially, then those businesses that know the great history this track has (as) a track that has brought racers from all over the Midwest to the western U.P., including fans from all over.”

Some of the top dirt track racers in the Midwest got their start at the Greenland race track. This includes past class champions at race tracks in Wisconsin, such as Jesse Aho of Toivola, Jordan Kurtti of Bruce Crossing, and one of the top three WISSOTA National racers, Michael Truscott of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. Truscott is originally from Greenland.


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