COWs Mobile Storage comes to the Copper Country

HOUGHTON – At the beginning of the month, RPM Secure Self Storage in Houghton began offering a new storage solution to Copper Country residents. In order to provide more convenient temporary storage for its customers, RPM now offers COWs mobile storage units in addition to their stationary units on Sharon Avenue in Houghton.

“With our stationary storage units customers have to MUST transport their goods to our facility, where COWs are delivered right to their door,” said Reid Susmark, owner of RPM Secure Self Storage. “Many students don’t have a truck for moving and even homeowners might not be able to transport their refrigerator, dishwasher or washing machine or large furnishings. If we can bring this right to their door they don’t need to transport anything. It’s convenient for people not to be concerned with how to transport their items for storage.”

COWs differ in more ways than mobility to the stationary storage units. The minimal rental period is only one day, compared to one month for the stationary units. RPM will deliver the COW to the residence and pick it up when the customer no longer needs it. This fills a need for business owners, renters and home-owners alike.

The COWs Mobile Storage Company, based in Miama, Fla., works with dealerships nationwide but RPM is the first dealership in the state of Michigan to offer COWs mobile storage. Susmark saw a need for temporary storage in the Copper Country and decided COWs mobile units could help his customers, especially those with large appliances or household furniture that may be difficult to transfer to the stationary units. Because COWs units are delivered directly to the residence, customers do not need to find a vehicle capable of moving those large items as they would if using a stationary unit.

“We have a lot of calls (at RPM Secure Self Storage) for short-term rentals for students in between apartments – they may have to move out of one apartment but the next one is not ready for couple weeks and they need someplace to store their belongings,” said Susmark. “Or a lot of people are moving, remodeling or have fire or water damage and it’s a lot more convenient to come to their house than for them to bring everything to our stationary storage units. With the COWs we can offer short-term rentals – week-to-week or even just one day.”

RPM offers two sizes of COW mobile storage – eight-feet and 16-feet long. The units have daily rates that go down the longer they are kept. Prices will vary based on location, duration and size of the unit, but customers can simply call RPM at (906) 482-7233 for an estimate or with any questions or go to COWs website at

“We work on our customers’ terms, on their schedule,” Susmark said. “They don’t have to adjust their schedule to ours – we will be there for our customers when the need us, at their location.”

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