UP Coins continuing service to the Copper Country

CHASSELL – For six years Todd Van Kleeck at UP Coins has been providing the very fairest prices for coin and currency collections and accumulations, as well as gold and silver in all forms, such as sterling flatware and gold jewelry.

“Nearly everyone has some jewelry they don’t wear, or is broken, or out style. What they don’t realize is this has value and a few pieces can add up,” Todd said.

Todd began collecting coins at age eight. He is a Disabled Veteran, retired from the Army. He and his wife, Sally, were in Indianapolis when he retired, and he opened a small coin shop that turned into a national business. This provides him with contacts all over the country to maximize what he pays for the items people may have. He is originally from the area, and left to join the Army after graduating from Chassell High School.

“It was while I was recuperating from cancer that I heard what people were getting for coins and diamonds and jewelry, and realized that there was a need for someone to provide a local, secure location for people to go to get the fairest prices for what they have. The biggest problem is the out of town buyers who come to town, rent a hotel room or two, and ALWAYS pay less than is fair.” Todd stated. “Why would someone come to the Copper Country from Marquette, or Minneapolis, or any other city to buy items here from people? Kind of makes me wonder what their reputation is. I have people come from Marquette, Manistique, etc. Reputation in our area is everything. We make sure ours is as perfect as can be.”

Recent transactions include Laurie from Houghton, who was extremely satisfied with the entire process, not to mention the price; Jim from Calumet, who is determined he would recommend UP coins to anyone; June, from Houghton, who has dealt with UP coins several times as she has inherited items she did not need and refuses do deal with anyone else, though she tried before she met up with Todd. These are a very few of the people who have been satisfied with the entire procedure and their experiences with UP Coins. Jackie, from Hancock was very happy to receive 30 percent more than a couple of other dealers would offer her.

Todd provides a secure private place where people can be assured, that, not only are they receiving the best price possible, but that each and every transaction is confidential, and handled in a friendly, professional manner.

“I treat each of my customers as I would want to be treated. Each one has their own appointment time to make sure they have my full attention,” he said.

Todd has 38 years experience as a coin and precious metals dealer, but does not seem tired of it.

“I never know what might happen next. Someone may have ten dollars worth of material, and the next, one hundred thousand. Both get treated the same way. I truly enjoy helping people maximize what they get, and mostly, to see them smile. It really angers me when they have been offered very low prices for things. An example: A gentleman went to a traveling buyer and was offered 330 dollars for his items. We paid over eleven hundred. This happens often, though not always to those extremes, though the difference can be pretty substantial,” he said.

On those occasions where transporting their holdings would be a burden, Todd has been known to, and is willing to, meet customers at their home, or their bank, to keep them from that hardship.

To sum up, UP Coins provides a safe, professional, personalized place to place a value on coin collections and accumulations, as well as gold and silver in all forms, such as mined gold, jewelry, or flatware. He also is knowledgeable in diamonds. He is perfectly willing to help people on weekends, and will accommodate later hours, though would like to keep them between 10 a.m. and 9 p.m. Todd will buy your material on the spot, provided you are satisfied with the price offered. He would appreciate you passing this information on should you know someone who could use the help of UP Coins.

If you have any questions, or have items you may wish to part with, feel free to call Todd at 523-4206 in Chassell from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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