Keweenaw Holistic Family Medicine provides comprehensive care for all ages

CALUMET – Living with an optimal level of health depends upon caring for the whole body, and the expert team at Keweenaw Holistic Family Medicine in Calumet is ready to make sure you feel your best, inside and out.

Jill Kalcich, M.D. said the clinic offers care for patients of all ages and seeks to treat and prevent health problems by taking a holistic approach to health care.

“Robin and I practice functional medicine,” Kalcich said. “What this means is that we are looking at the underlying causes of disease and trying to correct imbalances, not just suppress symptoms. We work with patients to help empower them to change things like diet, lifestyle and stress management. We do use medications when needed, but find that if we are helping people make lifestyle changes they may not be necessary.”

Kalcich is joined by acupuncturists Elizabeth Ross and Marcie Wittla, and the newest member of Keweenaw Holistic Family Medicine, Family Nurse Practitioner Robin (Vitton) Meneguzzo.

“I was excited to join this practice, because I believe that the body can heal if it’s given the right tools. I think that’s why this approach has so much to offer,” Meneguzzo said.

Kalcich said appointments at Keweenaw Holistic Family Medicine range from 30-90 minutes, to ensure that each patient gets the attention they need.

“If you are really trying to get to the root of a complex problem, you can’t do it in a ten minute visit,” Kalcich said.

Starting with a thorough medical history, Kalcich said is another important part of the practice. The conversation begins with a detailed intake form. “Once the patient comes in we go over their entire life story and health history because everything is connected. I think that taking care of the whole person is not just about finding a one-problem, one-drug solution. It’s about looking at everything in an interconnected way and understanding that when symptoms arise it means that something is out of balance.”

“Acupuncture is about returning balance to the body, about tuning the symphony of your organs, to help your body function in this beautiful way,” Wittla said. “When things get out of tune, then the whole thing is not ‘sounding’ right.”

Ross and Wittla both hold four-year, postgraduate degrees in oriental medicine, and Kalcich said having expertise in acupuncture available can help patients with a wide variety of conditions.

Ross said acupuncture can be used to treat “pretty much anything”, depending upon the experience of the practitioner. Hormonal imbalances, infertility, digestive issues, anxiety, depression, sleep problems, fatigue and of course pain issues are just some of the problems that can be helped with acupuncture.

“Any disease or pain or anything that you wake up with in the morning and isn’t exactly how you would like to feel, is due to your body not being in balance,” Wittla said. “We can help by catalyzing the body’s ability to heal itself”

Wittla and Ross said they don’t have to use needles in their practice, which can help those who may be hesitant to try acupuncture.

No matter what your current health, Kalcich, Meneguzzo, Wiitla and Ross are ready to get you feeling your best.

“People often think that if they don’t have a major medical problem than they are healthy,” Kalcich said. “This way of thinking misses the mark in a lot of cases because being healthy is not black or white. I think that it is too often people fall into a gray zone. They say ‘I feel tired, I feel run-down, I feel slightly depressed-I’m not myself’ but if they seek medical care they are often told ‘your tests are normal, you’re fine’. I would say you may be ok, but you’re not optimal. We can really help people achieve their optimal health.

“Everyone in this clinic is absolutely dedicated to helping our patients, because we understand that your health is your biggest asset.”

To schedule an appointment or learn more about what holistic medicine can do for you, call (906) 337-1844 or visit Keweenaw Holistic Family Medicine’s website at kewholistic.com.

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