Gas Lite General Store features mini golf

Image provided by Into the Wild Mini Golf Into the Woods Mini Golf on Gratiot Street in Copper Harbor is an 18-hole skill course offering evening entertainment after many other shops and attractions have closed down.

The Gas Lite General Store has been a favorite part of Copper Harbor for decades. The store is now under new ownership, but the new owner, Stacy Gibson, has been a part of the Gas Lite family for years. She is interested in maintaining the traditions and practices that make the Gaslight so popular but also has a couple of new ideas, including opening a mini golf course nearby.

“The store’s been open since the ’60s, but I purchased it in February and I had worked here for 14 years prior to that. In 2011, I opened an 18-hole miniature golf course on the other end of town,” said Gibson. ” … There used to be one many years ago, a little nine-hole golf course. Some of the props that I have are from that original course. I’ve heard people talk about it from when they were kids playing there and had great memories of it and I thought it would be a great addition to the town to resurrect the mini golf. It’s been very well received.”

Gibson described the golf course as “a course designed for adult play that even the kids will love.”

The course features a combination of artificial and natural obstacles.

“It’s an 18-hole skill course that has obstacles built in,” said Gibson. “Water hazards, sand traps, and it has little floats in there.”

For visitors who find the course to be a little too serious, Gibson has a solution that she calls “crazy golf holes.”

“It’s an alternate way to play. For instance, one hole has a hockey stick to puck with, another has little tiny plastic putters, and there’s a pool cue, or putting behind your back or between your legs or left-handed, so there’s just a lot of different variations that kind of add a lot of fun extras to the course,” said Gibson. “We have a lot of laughter on our course. It’s always fun to hear.”

Offering something for everyone, the mini golf course has an adjacent garden and lounge where even those who aren’t interested in golf can catch a few minutes of peace and quiet or wait for their friends and family to finish a hole.

“My background is in horticulture so I was able to use that experience. There are a lot of fruit trees, a lot of flowers. It’s very heavily landscaped but complimentary to the natural setting. It has more of a loose design, not a manicured design,” said Gibson. “There’s also an outdoor lounge area that people are welcome to sit back and enjoy. We don’t serve any alcohol but it’s a nice setting. There’s a little waterfall there and that’s rented out very often for a number of different venues.”

Into the Woods Mini Golf and Gardens is located at 1028 Gratiot Street in Copper Harbor. For more information, find them on Facebook or call (906) 289-4370 between noon and 8 p.m. Monday through Sunday.

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