Dr. Meredith LaBeau certified by Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business

LaBeau gains innovative and transformative business skills for growing American PCB manufacturer

CALUMET – Calumet Electronics is proud to announce that Chief Technology Officer Dr. Meredith LaBeau has received advanced education and certification from the prestigious Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College. It is part of the company’s continued effort to advance the thought leadership of its principal engineers.

Dr. LaBeau completed the “Building a Successful Diverse Business Certification Program” in May. The accelerated two-week program is taught by some of the world’s top business educators and features a core learning discipline developed exclusively for leading business professionals of successful businesses.

Her continuing education propels Calumet’s industry strength in merging engineering and design innovation with market delivery synergies. Dr. LaBeau, who earned a Ph.D. from Michigan Tech University in Environmental Engineering, gained additional innovative business skills from Tuck to help advance Calumet’s leadership position in the American Electronics industry.

“I am excited about my experience at the Tuck School of Business,” said Dr. LaBeau. “I was able to immediately relate course philosophies to our real-world business. Best of all, I get to actively apply what I learned to help drive greater success for Calumet Electronics and, ultimately, our industry as a whole. To keep our company and American Electronics safe, secure and sustainable for the next generation of American engineers, we need to stay actively engaged in learning and teaching. I see my executive education as a resource I can pass to others. What I learned at Dartmouth will have an impact on the industry long into the future.”

Todd Brassard, Calumet Electronics VP / COO, says Calumet values high-level thought leadership and success-minded business thinking. “It drives our growth,” said Brassard. “We’re always finding ways to develop, refine, and perfect our processes, which rely heavily on great employees. And the key to great employees is great leadership.”

The Tuck School of Business has a reputation as one the best business schools in the country. Brassard said Dr. LaBeau’s experience there truly energized her, and that she continues to bring advanced business leadership skills to the company and its industry.

“We couldn’t be prouder of Dr. LaBeau. She is always finding ways to learn and grow. Her dedication helps Calumet Electronics find solutions to daily and longer-term engineering and manufacturing opportunities and challenges. Dr. LaBeau understands the significance of ongoing learning and continuous improvement. We’re grateful for the insight she is bringing to the advancement of Calumet Electronics and the American electronics industry.”


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