Theatre elevator is going up

CALUMET — The Village Board voted unanimously to approve the construction contract for Moyle Construction to begin installing an elevator in the lobby of the Calumet Theatre.

Art Limback, Calumet Theatre Company chairman, said the approval of the contract was the last detail needed before starting the project. The board approved the contract at the regular monthly meeting on Tuesday.

With the approval of the contract, the theatre company can officially begin the installation of the LULA (limited usage limited application) elevator this spring, Laura Miller, executive director of the theatre company, said.

The elevator will make the theatre compliant with the Americans With Disability Act (ADA).

“The LULA elevator’s main function is provide handicap accessibility to the second floor of the building,” Miller said, “which includes the Red Jacket Ballroom, and first balcony of the theatre.”

After only three years of fundraising, the Theatre Company reached is projected goal of $300,000 in July, 2016, Miller said. Since then, U.P. Engineering and Architects was selected as the engineering firm to oversee the installation.

“Meetings were held to determine the best locations and accessibility for the elevator,” Miller said.

At the April 25, 2017, regular Calumet Village Council meeting, the trustees voted to approve the U.P Engineering & Architects’ floor plan. The plan was presented to the council by the Theatre Company. The council also agreed to allow the Theatre Company to handle all the aspects of the elevator installation.

Compared to a standard commercial elevator, the LULA has a limited capacity of 1,400 pounds, travels more slowly between floors, and has less frequent need of maintenance, Miller said. If all goes well, the elevator installation should be complete by June 30, 2018.

“We’re pleased to be able to move forward with this much-needed project,” Miller said. “We thank the Village Council for unanimously voting to give us the green light with our elevator. We are very grateful for the support of individuals, businesses, and foundations that have made our ‘Lift Us Up’ elevator project a reality.”


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