Playground to see some changes

Kali Katerberg/Daily Mining Gazette After examining the Greenland Road School's tire park for safety concerns the Greenland Road School Commission recommended some pieces be removed and repairs be made to the remaining structures.

ONTONAGON — Kids will need to say farewell to some equipment at the Old Greenland Road School, but much of it will remain.

The Greenland Road School Commission reviewed the playground, which is mostly made of tires and wood, for safety and ease of maintenance.

While most of the structures will stay and receive repairs, the one closest to the school will be removed as well as some of the tires buried in the ground.

The commission went over the equipment, checking for any issues or safety risks. Areas of concern included some rot and loose boards that will need to be fixed. The buried tires create more of a maintenance concern, particularly for mowing.

The decision was made, “primarily for the safety of the kids using the equipment, removing the parts that are non-functional or dangerous and fixing those that can be maintained,” said Commissioner Tony Smydra.

The commission hopes to have the repairs and removals done this fall.

“Let’s clean up what we’ve got and leave it there for the time being and let’s see how the rest of the project progresses,” Smydra said. “For the time being, it will remain pretty much the same.”

The structure close to the building slated for removal would need to be removed if the school property is separated out as planned, due to its proximity to the building.

The first discussion of the fate of the playground was very well attended but following meetings saw low community turnout, Smydra said. The commission scheduled and advertised an additional August meeting in case there was any additional input but didn’t get any takers.

“We reviewed it again looking for input but nobody showed up other than the commission itself,” he said.