Swartz, LaFernier earn re-election

The Keweenaw Bay Indian Community’s (KBIC) general election was held Dec. 15, and the unofficial vote tallies are in.

Warren “Chris” Swartz and Susan LaFernier won re-election to the Baraga and L’Anse districts.

Kim Klopstein won the second seat in the Baraga district and Dale Goodreau won the second seat in L’Anse.

Bill Jondreau won the vote for chief judge over the incumbent Bradley Dakota.

The results will not become official until the KBIC Tribal Council certifies the election, according to Election board chairwoman Diana Chaudier.

A recount of the L’Anse district votes was executed on Monday morning due to the close vote totals. Chaudier said the recount results were identical to Saturday’s original counts.

Election Results

L’Anse District

Warren “Chris” Swartz 274

Kim Klopstein 260

Elizabeth Connor 253

Sue Ellen Elmblad 237

Baraga District

Dale Goodreau 309

Susan LaFernier 253

Jean (Halverson) Jokinen 251

Jennifer Misegan 214

Chief Judge

Bill Jondreau 300

Bradley Dakota 229


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