Electronics recycling services in Houghton County

Comprenew is a certified and registered nonprofit electronics recycler focused on serving the entire state of Michigan.

We wanted to take a moment to share with you what Comprenew is all about:

We are committed to protecting our environment. Since our founding, we’ve prevented over 50 million pounds of waste from entering landfills.

We are serious about security and adhere to the highest possible standards when it comes to protecting your data.

Community is at the heart of our organization. In addition to our recycling and data security services, we offer job-readiness and computer literacy programs to underserved populations.

We have 21 permanent collection sites and 5 Comprenew locations located throughout the state of Michigan.

Our services include:

”️ Electronics Recycling

”️ IT Asset Disposition

”️ Clearing & Shredding of Data-Bearing Devices

”️ Unmatched Transportation Service

”️ Sales & Service of Refurbished Warrantied Equipment

”️ Electronics Repair

”️ Mobile Data Security Services

Call us toll free at 833-COMPRENEW or 833-266-7736