Hancock Library wins School Service Award for their support of distance learning

The Hancock School Public Library has been honored with the School Service Award from the Copper Country Association of School Boards and Hancock Public Schools. The award, given to one individual or group every spring, honors outstanding service to education and notable contributions to the quality of education above and beyond expectations.

“We are excited to present the library with the 2020 School Service Award,” Said Dr. Steve Patchin, Hancock Public Schools Superintendent. “People or organizations receiving this valued award have gone to extended lengths to support the mission of our schools to educate students, teachers, and community members. The partnership with the Portage Lake District Library and their expertise has helped revive the Hancock School Public Library, which has resumed being an active educational resource for our entire community.”

Since the closure of libraries and schools across the state in mid-March, the Hancock School Public Library has worked to ensure students retain access to the educational materials they need to navigate distance learning. Library Manager Boni Ashburn has been processing new books from home, and making them available for students at the weekly packet pick-up and food distribution site.

“I’m excited every day to be working with the Hancock Schools,” Said Boni Ashburn, Library Manager. “Their renewed commitment to the library is inspiring, and we see how it’s enriching both the school and community through all the positive feedback we are receiving. We are definitely proud to be a part of it.”

Library staff also prepared the school’s fleet of classroom Chromebooks for checkout after the schools closed, allowing students to take them home to aid in distance learning. To date, the library has circulated nearly 140 Chromebooks to students.

In an effort to increase access to digital library resources during the pandemic, Hancock library staff made library card registration available online. With no resident requirement for library card sign-up in Hancock, anyone can sign-up for a free, digital library card that provides access to over 14,000 digital books, magazines, movies and more.

The Hancock School Public Library building remains closed through June 12, along with other places of public accommodation across the state. The Library’s online catalog is available 24/7, and includes free eBooks, digital audiobooks, digital magazines and online language learning tools. Visit pldl.org to learn more.


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