Corrections officer receives lifesaving award

HOUGHTON — A Houghton County Corrections officer with the Houghton County Sheriff’s Office received a plaque for a lifesaving award for saving the life of a small child.

On the morning of June 30, 2020, Sheriff’s Officer Al Huhta, Corrections Officer Work Crew Supervisor, was working with a crew contracted to do work at the L’Anse Bay Waterfront park, when at approximately 11 a.m., he noticed a girl, just under two years old, who had run into the park after slipping out of her home. She ran straight for the water.

Huhta chased after her. However, she managed to reach the water ahead of him, and slipped below the surface. He ran into the water, pulled her up and brought her back to shore. The L’Anse Village police were contacted and took charge of the girl.

For his actions, Huhta was presented the plaque for the award, along with a certificate signed by Michigan Sheriff’s Association CEO and Executive Director, Matt M. Saxton, and Sheriff Brian McLean. The event is also being submitted to the Michigan Sheriff’s Association for its annual awards conference by Sheriff McLean.

“We’re extremely proud of C.O. Huhta and his quick action,” said McLean. “Not only was he paying attention to his duties, but also kept watch on all that was going around him.”


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