USFWS, HILPA post new signage at Huron Island boathouse

Boathouse marked as unsafe, surveillance cameras requested

A condition assessment conducted for the US Fish & Wildlife Service found the steel columns supporting the concrete walls and roof of the boathouse on Lighthouse Island are severely deteriorated. The island, part of the Huron National Wildlife Refuge, is administered by USFWS. Seney-based Refuge Manager Sara Siekierski asked the Huron Island Lighthouse Preservation Association to post a sign warning of the danger.

HILPA trustees Jeffery Loman and Wayne Abba affixed the sign on Sunday, Oct. 11. Plans for preservation or disposition of the boathouse and other structures associated with the lighthouse will be announced when USFWS completes an Environmental Assessment. HILPA officials have also expressed concerns about the use of firearms on Lighthouse Island, littering, graffiti, and other prohibited activities and have requested that surveillance cameras be installed.

Members of HILPA removed more than 130 pounds of broken glass, nails and asbestos this summer in addition to installing a temporary roof on the privy. Metal scrap from the old privy roof will be repurposed by artisans at The Village Gift Store in L’Anse, which offers a selection of lighthouse-themed art.

HILPA President Burt Mason said that plans are proceeding for next year’s preservation projects. People interested in joining HILPA should contact Secretary Nancy Strohschein at (248) 892-1295.


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