Cross Country Sports has last-minute gifts perfect for Father’s Day

Sue Johnson/Daily Mining Gazette Ryan Bischer of Cross-Country Sports in Calumet showcases the Trek “Top Fuel-8” model stating, “it’s probably the best of mid-range Mountain bikes with capability to endure / conquer almost any trail the Midwest has to offer” starting at $3499.00. 

CALUMET — Located at 507 Oak Street in Calumet, Cross Country Sports has some great options for both individuals and families looking to ride the abundance of trails and roads this summer throughout the entire Copper Country. Well-known for their ski equipment in the winter, Cross Country Sports has a wide variety of bicycles and equipment to help riders of all ages and skill levels maximize their experience throughout the summer months.

“We are a bike and cross country ski retailer,” said Ryan Bischer. “We sell mainly Trek bikes of all kinds, so everything from fitness, comfort bikes, mountain mikes, road bikes, gravel bikes, kind of you name it, full suspension, hardtail, all of it.

“In the wintertime, (we have) cross country skis from really big brands like Fischer, Rossignol, Salomon and Atomic. Then (we have) all the kinds of goods and apparel and accessories that you would need to go out and enjoy your time in these awesome silent sports.”

With the growth of bike riding throughout the area, and across the country, the need for specific accessories has grown. Bischer believes that Cross Country Sports has almost anything a rider may need along the way.

“Whether you are riding some singletrack trails and need mud fenders or knee pads or elbow pads, full face helmets, or nice glasses to make sure that your eyes are safe,” he said, “and your vision is nice and crisp, we have all that too.”

Mountain biking has grown significantly since its humble beginnings in the 1970s. In those days, the bikes were rigid with smaller wheels. Some of today’s bicycles even include electric assist, which can help make climbing easier.

“That can really kind of level some of the hills and help you enjoy time with the family or with friends, anything like that as your riding buddies,” Bischer said.

While the COVID-19 pandemic took its toll on businesses across the country, Cross Country Sports has seen a boost in popularity thanks to the push of many families to get outside and enjoy what areas like the Copper Country have to offer in terms of a wide variety of trails and roads, giving riders of all types something to enjoy.

The downside for Cross Country Sports has been availability, as companies like Trek fight to keep up with demand. However, Bischer and his fellow employees have tuned up their skills to help riders find the right bike for them, even if it might take a little longer to get to the customer in the end.

“(It starts) with having a nice conversation with them to kind of understand, maybe, the bike that they have now, what type of riding they like, whether they, even within some sports like road riding, whether they like riding pavement, or they like riding gravel, or more of an adventure style, where you might be hitting some forest two-track or rough ungraded roads or something like that,” said Bischer. “On the mountain bike side, whether they like kind of casual riding, in a campground, or they are towing, they’re starting to learn single-track trails, or maybe they’re an experienced rider that’s looking to ride, maybe all over the country on some of these mountain bike destinations that can really tax the rider’s skill or their bike.”

The end goal, for Cross Country Sports, is to find that bike that is the best fit for the rider.

“So that is maybe where they are, (we can) get an idea of where they would like to be in a little while, so that these bikes can last a long time if they are cared for well,” he said. “It’s a really good investment to have a bike that’s going to last you, and suit your needs for quite a while.”

With Father’s Day coming up this weekend, now is the perfect time to stop by and check out what Cross Country Sports has to offer.

“We have a good selection of new full-suspension bikes, if dad’s really into mountain biking,” Bischer said. “We’d be able to have something ready for the weekend. If not, (we have) the accessories and all the goods that they might need for any of their cycling endeavors, anything from a new helmet to keep that safe, to some of our Cross Country Sports-branded apparel that is nice and flashy, new bike pedals or touchpoint grips can always freshen up a bike. (We) even (offer) kind of a tune up. We do sell gift cards or anything that could take and kind of breathe some new life into a little bit older bike, or help maintain it to have it last and perform even a little bit better while they’re out on their ride.”


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