Recycling just got easier

Ever wonder how to recycle something? What about that piece of plastic film, old paint container, mercury thermometer, rubber tire, old blender, batteries, aluminum siding or light fixtures? Wonder no more! The Material Wizard is your answer. This amazing tool can be found at the Marquette 906 site where recyclables from the Keweenaw are taken. Located near the bottom of their site, simply type in the product that you want to recycle and let the search engine tell you where to take it. It’s truly that easy.

Marquette 906 site: www.recycle906.com

Also, the Houghton County Transfer Station now offers single stream recycling options to county residents Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Cost is $5/carload or $10/truckload. Accepted items include cardboard, mixed paper (cereal boxes, envelopes, magazines, newspapers), aluminum food and beverage containers, plastic containers (food containers, milk jugs, medicine bottles, soap bottles) and glass. All items must be clean. The Transfer Station does not accept plastic bags and bottle caps, so make sure to remove these from your recyclables. These items clog the machines at the recycling center and create costly delays.

Questions about recycling at the Transfer Station? Visit their website at: “https://www.houghtoncounty.net/directory-transfer-station.php”>www.houghtoncounty.net/directory-transfer-station.php. They have a “Single Stream Recycling” link on their page.

Econofoods accepts plastic film to be shipped to Trex for use in their composite decking boards. This keeps clean and dry plastic film (including bubble wrap and mailers, plastic wrapping from paper towels, Ziploc bags, plastic bags, etc.) from entering our landfills. To determine if the plastic wrap is acceptable, see if it stretches. If it doesn’t stretch at all, is really shiny, or makes a loud noise when you crinkle it, the plastic is not acceptable. A collection bin is in the entryway near the can return doors. What a great recycling option for our community.

Coming soon: a new and improved Copper Country Recycling Initiative website. Details to be announced in the next months.


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