Calumet Theatre plans to offer video tours

CALUMET — The Calumet is looking ahead to the summer season with a video theater tour that is currently in the planning phase.

Theatre Directory of Operations Nathan Jones said the program will consist of a brochure that can be purchased at the box office. In the brochure will be a series of assigned numbers for each tour station throughout the theater and the ballroom. Each station will have a QR code that people can click on their smartphones, which will take them to a narrated Youtube video explaining that area of the tour.

Jones said the plan is to use the existing monologue script from the in-person guided tours, with some revisions, and adopt it to recorded narrations for each stop.

“What that means,” said Jones, “is when those people go home, they will have the brochure and can click on that QR code again and refresh their memories, or share their friends and neighbors.”

Jones said that while the tours are conducted daily, at 1 p.m., people stop by throughout the day. The video tour would permit them to tour the theater whenever they drop in, at a reduced price. An added benefit to this system is that visitors can adjust the time of the tour to their individual pace, rather than the typical 90-minute guided tour.

Jones said a video tour would also relieve staff and volunteers of some of the work load associated with tours.

“I can’t count the number of times that I stop and — you just can’t help it,” Jones said. “You get (drawn) in and wind up talking about it.”

Jones said the theater will conduct the in-person, guided tours every day at 1 p.m., but a virtual tour would allow people to take a tour without waiting until 1:00 or having to wait to come back the next day.


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