Racing in our DNA

Racing is a part of the Copper Country’s History. Which is not unique to any other area, however what is unique to this area is the variety of racing! From manpower to horsepower, from Silent Sports to Motorsports, from racing on land to racing on water. You’ll find it all in this area.

Snowmobile and Motorcycle Racing is year ’round! Up here, season isn’t a time of the year, it’s what you do with your Pasty. This was evident when Snowmobilers from all over converged on the Bay in Lake Linden the weekend of June 17 . The crowds came in to race and watch the Lake Linden Fire Department/Jeff Moyle Memorial Race.

When the waves settled, and the surfin’ Snowmobilers were dry, the Top 3 in each Class were:


1) David Fischer

2) Grant Whitaker

3) Bradley Barrette, Lake Linden

Pro Open:

1) David Fischer

2) Chris Erzar

3) James Marietta, Hubbell

Pro Stock:

1) David Fischer

2) Ben Eastman

3) Grant Whitaker

Semi-Pro Stock:

1) Jake Mackedanz

2) Jesse Barrette, Lake Linden

3) Erika Whitaker

Semi-Pro Open:

1) Jake Mackedanz

2) Grant Whitaker

3) Eric Mattila

Sport Open:

1) Ava McCurdy

2) Dan Fox

3) Jocelyn Shellbach.

The last names of our local racers that placed are familiar, Barrette and Marietta. They are some of the top Hillclimbers in the MASTERS Racing Circuit Hillclimbs at Whealkate Bluff in South Range and Copper Peak, Ironwood.

Hill climb this Saturday

Just as the Snowmobilers compete in the summer the Motorcycles are transformed into snow bikes in the winter. As hard as it is to believe, but the skis and tracks are taken off and 2 Wheels are put on the Motorcycles. They are getting ready for the most challenging Motorcycle Hillclimb in the Upper Peninsula.

It’s the Vollwerth’s Meats – Pat’s Motorsports – Wildlife Refuge Cabins – Keweenaw Chevrolet – Settler’s Co-op Motorcycle Hillclimb at Whealkate Bluff in South Range. This popular Hillclimb will be tomorrow, Saturday, July 9.

Last year only ONE run up the hill actually made it over the Top. As they say on Eagle Radio, ‘you can well imagine what happens to the rest of those runs!’ Yep, they ‘crash.’

If you have a ‘need for speed,’ you’re in the BEST AREA for your ‘racing fix!’ Let’s go Racing! See if ANYONE can make it over the top of Whealkate Bluff in South Range tomorrow. Competition to start at 10:00 am ET, with the King of the Hill runs expected to run around 3:00 tomorrow afternoon.


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