Upper Peninsula makes list of best places to visit

Out of all the different exotic and unique locales throughout the world, the Upper Peninsula was recently determined to be one place worth visiting by the travel publishing group Lonely Planet.

The U.P. came in as No. 10 on Lonely Planet’s list of the world’s 10 Best Value Destinations, which was part of its Best in Travel 2017 yearbook.

It’s nice to get some positive recognition at the global level and especially when you consider some of the other places Lonely Planet included on its list. Russia, Morocco, Belize, Nepal and even Venice, Italy, were among the destinations noted.

Many of the places on the lineup are cultural hotspots, offering visitors the opportunity to delve deep into the regions’ diverse histories, unique foods and intriguing local traditions and customs.

Many also have beautiful landscapes and scenic vistas, including snow-capped mountain ranges, vast sprawling deserts and white sand beaches dotted with palm trees.

On one hand, it’s difficult to see how the U.P. compares to these other destinations, many of which are quite well known. But on the other side, it’s clear that the U.P. has its own very distinct beauty, which many, if not all of us who live here are already familiar with.

“Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is an area of stunning natural beauty and charming, Norman Rockwell-esque towns and villages,” writers at Lonely Island stated. “Because it’s a destination mainly for Midwesterners, prices are reasonable, crowds are comparatively few, and the feeling of the area is casual and relaxed. The region boasts historic lighthouses, hundreds of miles of beaches and lakeshore, some of the country’s oldest forests, and more than 300 waterfalls, ranging from the tiddly to the spectacular.”

During the summertime, some have compared life in the U.P. to that of “island living,” where the beaches are littered with sunbathers and time itself just seems to slow down to a nice comfortable, easy-going pace.

While the winter can pose some challenges, there definitely is no shortage of things to do and beautiful scenes to take in.

Outdoor enthusiasts most certainly have a wide variety of recreational activities to choose from when deciding how to spend their leisure time, and communities all across Superiorland put on dozens of events and festivals that are well attended each year.

Another characteristic about the Upper Peninsula that seems to come up again and again is the people who live here.

Whether you stop in to get a bite at a restaurant in Copper Harbor, or you venture out on the trails in Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, many of the people you will encounter are friendly, kind and helpful, and a lot of them will go out of their way to say hello, welcome you to the area or even spark up a neighborly conversation.

It’s our belief that the people who live in the U.P. have chosen to reside here not only because of the region’s waterfalls, pristine beaches and outdoor opportunities, but also because of the sense of community they find here.

We’re pleased with Lonely Planet’s designation of the U.P. as being a wonderful place to see. But they’re not telling us Yoopers anything we haven’t already known all along.

Mining Journal (Marquette)


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