Millage renewal a no-brainer: ‘Libraries Rock’

“Libraries Rock!” is the new slogan of Capital Area District Libraries’ summer reading program, and it’s true.

10.3 million items checked out; 1.7 million computer sessions logged; 4.8 million visits to one of 13 branches; a gathering place for community members; opportunities for kids, teens and adults to access information and year-round education.

Libraries do rock.

And having a vibrant, successful and accessible library is essential to a healthy community, according to research from The Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C. It raises literacy, elevates educational opportunities and provides a sense of place that can bring a community together.

On August 7, CADL is asking for a renewal of 1.56 mills – or approximately $156 per year for a house with taxable value of $100,000 – which provides the vast majority of their operating budget.

This renewal is a no-brainer.

It provides CADL more than 90% of its operating budget, without any increase to residents, to continue operations across the district, essentially Ingham County minus East Lansing.

Print books, movies, online materials and the famed ‘Library of Things’ – where you can check out telescopes, sewing machines, Wi-Fi hotspots and more – are only part of the program at CADL.

Events occurring every week at most branches, and initiatives like the ‘Read Off Fines’ program held this June, help to show the staff’s dedication to the communities they serve.

CADL also provides incentives for kids, teens and adults to seek out information, as well as access to the Internet which is vital to job seekers and others navigating complicated online processes without a computer at home.

These help raise literacy and elevate education in a community.

CADL branches can be found in Dansville, Haslett, Holt, Leslie, Mason, Okemos, Stockbridge, Webberville and Williamston – as well as three branches in Lansing: South Lansing, Foster and the main branch in the heart of downtown.

The millage renewal is an investment in the health of our communities, through literacy and education. It simply allows CADL to continue their already great work in various communities they cover. And it is truly a no-brainer.

Vote yes on the CADL millage renewal on August 7.