Trying times hit everyone

These last three months have been very trying for the country as a whole. Here at the Daily Mining Gazette, we have suffered alongside you the reader. Obviously, not in the same way, but it has led to some issues which we hope to have under control soon.

One the biggest, and most consistent complaints we have been getting in the past few weeks has revolved around the crossword puzzle situation. We apologize for all of the confusion created by the issue to this point.

With the coronavirus pandemic hitting at the end of February, we shut our doors to customers while other businesses were also forced to close their doors and send their employees home. With businesses not opening, that meant their advertizing revenue lagged significantly.

With that lag, we have been forced to cut back on the number of pages we print on a daily basis. The ensuing confusion over what pages are “essential” led to a weekend edition in early May to print without a large weekend crossword puzzle.

You spoke out. We listened.

We have moved the weekend crossword puzzle to the Green Sheet. Of course, this also came at a price, as we removed the word search in the Green Sheet to make room for the crossword.

It is with a heavy heart that we feel it is necessary to mention that another section will be hitting the chopping block next week. As of next week, Happenings will not be appearing in in the Thursday paper.

If you have been reading the section, we had to cut it back, first from 20 pages to 16 pages, then recently again to 12, so this should not shock anyone. We are working on finding a new home for the TV Guide grids within the paper as it stands now. We promise they won’t disappear entirely, but you will have to keep an eye out for them every day as we search for the best home for them.

COVID-19 has created a lot of havoc in many different ways. However, we have fought to keep it from stopping our efforts provide as timely and in-depth news as we can each and every day.

We at the Daily Mining Gazette are proud of our local community and will continue to work hard to improve our product so that you as the reader get the information you need to stay informed, both about the Copper Country and larger world that surrounds it.


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