Trump’s latest power grab

To the editor:

As the elections of Nov. 3 approach, Joe Biden continues to lead Donald Trump in essentially all opinion polls. That lead has remained quite consistent for months. Barring something like election-tampering, voter suppression, overconfidence or apathy on the part of Biden supporters, or masses of those supporters suddenly becoming gullible enough to believe Trump’s unsubstantiated “Fake News,” Joe Biden will become our next president.

Trump’s falsehoods like “If Joe Biden is elected, our streets will not be safe!” and “Kamala Harris was not born in the U.S.” have fallen on deaf ears with the undecided.

Perhaps because of his poll numbers, Trump seems increasingly desperate to find some way, if not to win the election, to at least have a lasting legacy he considers positive. His latest approach is an attempt to stack the Supreme Court with justices who share his ideology, and he’s doing it in what many might consider a very cruel way.

Shortly before the recent death of highly-respected Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, in a note to her granddaughter, she said “My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed.” Soon after that Trump praised her, but then, not long afterward, he decided to ignore her dying wish and try to fill her position on the Supreme Court ASAP. Not only that, he claimed, with no proof, that the “wish” was written by some top Democrat!

It may be difficult for Democrats in the Senate to thwart his obvious power grab. Hopefully, somehow the Court itself will find a way.


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