Cases starting to unfold in Whitmer kidnap plot

Historically speaking, we haven’t often used this space to comment on legal matters, especially when such matters are pending.

But a case — or more accurately, we should say, cases -unfolding downstate are important enough that comment here is appropriate, we believe.

We’re referring to the plot broken up last year to kidnap Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, because she had imposed restrictions on Michigan businesses and citizens related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

One of the primary plotters in that contrived scheme was sentenced to just over six years in prison Wednesday, after he decided to break with his former cohorts and help the police agents build cases against the others.

Ty Garbin admitted his role in the alleged scheme weeks after his arrest last fall, The Associated Press reports. He is among six men charged in federal court but the only one to plead guilty so far. It was a key victory for prosecutors as they try to prove an astonishing plot against the rest.

AP noted that in his plea agreement, Garbin said the six men trained at his property near downstate Luther, constructing a “shoot house” to resemble Whitmer’s vacation home and “assaulting it with firearms.”

According to AP, prosecutors recommended a nine-year prison term. But the judge in the case went shorter, at 6 1/4 years, saying he was convinced that Garbin was an “excellent prospect” to stay out of trouble when released from prison.

We were pleased Garben drew as much time as he did; some had predicted an even shorter sentence.

The full measure of the law must be brought against those found to have been involved in this ugly business.


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