Bitter cold means dressing properly for outdoors ventures

With the bitterly cold temperatures and wind chills expected to last at least several more days, experts are warning local residents to take precautions when venturing outdoors.

Wearing the wrong kind of clothing in this kind of weather can have serious consequences. A little planning can make all the difference.

The popular online site outdoors.com provides this list of suggested clothing options to provide optimal. We recommend readers consider them:

Down jacket or parka

Jackets with deep pockets are nice; you’ll want to be able to easily slide your hands in and out for warmth, even when you’re wearing gloves (fleece-lined pockets are even nicer). Lastly, consider getting a down jacket that is large enough to easily fit over multiple layers, a nice feature when you’re fully bundled up.

Neck gaiter

Few things add as much warmth as a simple tube of soft, fleecy fabric around your neck. It prevents warm air inside your layers from escaping around your neck, insulates your heat-pulsing jugular veins and carotid arteries and can easily be pulled up over your face to protect it from the chill.

Long underwear

Flannel-lined underwear can provide much warmth.

Face mask

Try a neoprene face mask to protect yourself from the biting winds you generate by moving.

Winter boots and socks

You will definitely need some insulated footwear and extra-warm socks.

Mittens not gloves

For extended play or work in the deep freeze, mittens provide significantly more warmth than gloves.

Brain toaster

An extra-thick hat is a must for deep cold. A windproof version is nice. Fleece-lined wool hats are exceptionally warm or you could even consider a two-hat layering system.


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