Gilchrist said all the right things during weekend U.P. swing

Lt. Gov. Garlan Gilchrist made a swing through the Upper Peninsula over the weekend, glad-handing at several events and generally showing the Whitmer administration flag.

Among other things, the state’s number two executive talked up the new Michigan Office of Rural Development.

The office, as part of the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, has the opportunity to play a big role in the economic future of the U.P., Gilchrist explained.

“These small business programs are about protecting jobs and encouraging people with ideas to put those ideas into the world and make them real here in the U.P.,” Gilchrist said for a Mining Journal story on the matter. “It’s about creating more pathways to jobs and opportunities in rural communities in Michigan.”

Gilchrist addressed the administration’s goals this year, which the creation of the Michigan Office of Rural Development will help support.

“The governor and I have been really consistent. We wanted to make an impact on access to jobs and the economy. So we want to continue to build on that. Last year we added 145,000 jobs to the economy here in Michigan,” he said. “We’re going to build on that, expand on that. Expand access to opportunities and position people for success.”

Gilchrist had few profound revelations over the weekend, but rather underscored the administration’s desire to support rural ventures, especially in the area of jobs creation.

With unemployment up this way still too high and the midterms looming, to say nothing of 2024, following through will be essential.


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