Don’t defund police

To the editor:

In this letter, I am referring to all policing departments in the area.

As far as we know all the police in the area are doing good work. Taking what is happening in cities and applying it to our area in any way is ludicrous. Comparing our police departments with those in cities is like comparing apples and broccoli. Greater cooperation between departments would be great if it is not already at its maximum. Having specialists to handle different problems would also be great but as far as we know, there are none or few. Even if there were all kinds of specialists, It seems that it would be the work of police to bring people with problems to these specialists. If there is a problem who would decide which specialist is appropriate? That would be the job of the police. If we are thinking in terms of wasted money, we can think of a lot of things that should be defunded instead of the police.

We don’t know a lot about the policing in our area so if anyone can set us straight on anything in this letter we’ll be watching for your letter to the editor.


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