Babies Lives Matter

To the editor:

I never thought I would see this happening in America today.

An article for “Right to Life Michigan by Barbara Listing, provided some interesting and frightening statistics.

The coronavirus isn’t the only enemy of human life. Worldwide deaths from Jan. to March:

— 21,297 deaths by coronavirus

— 1,162,481 deaths by smoking

— 1,909,804 deaths by cancer

— 2,382,324 deaths from hunger

— 9,913,702 deaths by abortion.

Last fall, New York governor, Andrew Cuomo, lit up the New York skyline in pink to celebrate legalized infanticide. Not only did he expand legalized abortion up to the moment of birth and beyond, but he’s forcing the people of New York to pay for it.

In March, Congress came together to pass an emergency bill to bring financial relief to the American people. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tried to hide a billion dollars in funding for abortion programs into the thousand-page document. Republicans and Democrats alike went to work to cut out this and other “pork” hidden in the bill.

Joe Biden had this to say from the Cain trail: “Let me be clear; no one is expendable. No matter your age, race, gender, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or disability.” This coming from a man who has sworn his allegiance to Roe v. Wade and abortion-on-demand.

Michigan governor, Gretchen Whitmer, passionately explained that all of her actions “will save lives.” Wo why would Governor Whitmer close down virtually every single surgical and outpatient facility in the state of Michigan except abortion clinics? Why would you position yourself as one of the most radically pro-abortion governors in the entire country if your goal was to “saves lives?”

We need to defund Planned Parenthood, not our police. We need to march out and cry “babies lives matter!” We need to get these liberals out of office now. Please vote the Bible in November- Right to Life.


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