I care about you

To the editor:

Human nature is really hard to figure out. God gives us free will so we can make our own choices, but, in so many cases, people make really bad decisions on what’s good for their quality of life and those around them.

All the evidence from the past has proven that smoking, drunken-ness, drunk driving, drug abuse, obesity and so many other stupid, bad choices are killing people and so many are living miserable lives and dining a horrible death.

Now we have a virus that is making some people really sick and killing hundreds of thousands of others. Our so called “leaders” in D.C. refuse to do the right thing by following the rules; now we’re reaping what they have sowed.

We the people need to do the right thing: follow the virus experts rules and wear a mask. Your rights end six feet from my face if you’re not wearing a mask indoors and I’m there. We both have the right to be there, but we both must follow the rules or in some cases the law to protect each other.

We wonder why there are so many laws? It’s because we need laws to protect all Americans from those that may be intelligent and (just, don’t care) or not intelligent enough to do the right thing to protect others as well as themselves.

Self-centeredness was one of the first and hardest things as a born again Christian I had to deal with. For instance when I got married it was no longer “Me” but “We.” When we had children it was no longer “we” but “us.” Right away from day one we are all self-centered. It is a root problem that came from the fall of Adam and Eve; lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and the pride of life. The greatest commandment in the Bible is to love others as we love ourselves. Some of the happiest, healthiest people are those that put others before themselves. That’s God’s way, not our way.

I care about you so I will wear a mask and follow the rules to keep us alive and healthy. Together we can stop this virus but most of us must do the right thing or America as we know it will perish in a very short time.


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