Language problems

To the editor:

My twin sister is not a “Native American,” she’s not an “African American,” she’s an American.

She’s not a “person of color,” she’s a person.

My uncle is not a member of the “Gay Community,” he’s a member of our community.

I would think that the “Academic Community” (which is overwhelmingly liberal) would be smarter than this.

Prejudice exists, it will always exist. If you think you have no prejudices, ask yourself if you’ve ever looked at someone who looks like the schoolyard bully, and had reservations. The immediate reactions we have come from things like our upbringing and our personal experiences throughout life. It doesn’t take a Ph.D. in psychology to realize something so simple.

Until liberals and the media stop separating people out into “communities,” like cattle at market, things will never change. They are making wider gaps between the groups that they, themselves, have created.

I truly believe most liberals mean well. However, following socialists blindly and not asking what their agenda is or what the consequences of your actions may be, is plain foolish. Sadly, most young people are told that the government should take care of them and that they are entitled to things like free education, health care, etc.. This starts them down the path of socialism while still in college. Heck, who doesn’t want “free stuff”?

What they’re not told is that it’s not free and that they will pay for it, one way or another. These are services that should be offered at a cost that is kept down by the competition of the free market system. As soon as you involve the government, and remove that competition…things go south.

Please, understand that I have great respect for educators who “teach a man to fish,” but it ends when they tell people that their fish should be given to them. And to be clear, when a liberal tells you that conservatives don’t care about those in need (nothing could be farther from the truth) and must be forced to give, ask yourself how much good could really be done if our charity money wasn’t dragged through the swamp before it’s distributed. 

The simple truth is that capitalism doesn’t care what color you are, what gender you are, who you pray to (if you pray at all), or who you sleep with. The liberals continue to project their faults onto conservatives, either intentionally, or because they’ve never stepped back and taken a long look in the mirror. Treating others differently in any way, for any reason is wrong, period. That’s what the Civil Rights movement of the 60’s was really about.

Every person’s feelings are valid, but, the truth is the truth. If there are any “intellectuals” who feel that their Ph.D.’s make them smarter than the average, working class American, and feel I’ve said anything here in error, I would love to have a civil discussion over a cup of coffee, my treat.

Please, bring the truth and leave your rationalizations at home. Please, be kind to one another. 


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