To the editor:

Rep. Greg Markkanen’s endorsement of the Texas attorney general’s bogus suit filed with the Supreme Court to disenfranchise the results of Michigan voters is reprehensible and disloyal to his oath of office. Must he be reminded that he represents the voters of Michigan not Texas.

Yet, his desire to play to the cheap seats of President Donald Trump’s base served to lend credibility to their distorted and erroneous belief that a fair and legitimate election was fraudulent. He knows full well the results of Michigan voters that Joe Biden won the state overwhelmingly by 154,188 votes.

There was no evidence brought forth that suggests otherwise.

Other Republican Representatives like Aaron Miller had the integrity and courage to speak the truth.

“Biden won the state,” Miller said. “It shouldn’t be politically controversial for a Republican to say, but sadly it is. He did it by well over 140,000 votes, and we ought to respect that even if we don’t like it.”

As a former social studies teacher, Markkanen should know that our Democracy’s foundation rises and falls on the belief that our vote will be counted and our elections are fair and honest. How can we achieve a peaceful transition of power when our Congressman supports a false narrative, perpetrated by Trump, that gives credence to gullible supporters that Biden stole the election.

Markkanen’s behavior is not only dishonest, it’s cowardly and disloyal to the essential principles of our Democracy and to the voters of this great State. The citizens of the 110th deserve better than this.


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