Bergman should resign

To the editor:

To Those Concerned about US Capitol Attacks,

After the horrific events of Wednesday, January 6, when thousands of domestic terrorists stormed the hallowed Capitol of the United States, we must stand again for the Constitution and the validity of the November 2020 election. There was no voter fraud, all states, including Michigan, verified the election, and eventually the results were accepted by both houses of Congress in the early hours of January 7.

These unprecedented times require a response from each one of us in our own ways: contact Representative Jack Bergman and let him know that his support of a failed President’s rhetoric, conspiracy theories, and voter suppression is not his job as a representative of the First District of Michigan.

According to CNN, Michigan Democrat Rep. Dan Kildee issued a strong condemnation of his Republican colleagues whose rhetoric helped foment the attack the US Capitol on Wednesday, saying their names should be remembered forever.

Instead of upholding the voters of Michigan, Bergman voted against us, in an election in which he was elected! Demand that he resign and stand down. He does not deserve to represent us, and his sole purpose in Washington has been to support Donald Trump, which has resulted in unfortunate deaths.

You can call him and speak to an aide, or leave a message. If you find the voice mail box full, keep calling. 202-225-4735

You can also send him an email to his website U.S. Representative Jack Bergman

A letter can also be sent to any or all of his offices. No, none of his offices are in Houghton, Baraga, Ontonagon or Gogebic counties near us.

Washington, DC Office

414 Cannon House Office Building

Washington, DC 20515


Traverse City Office

1396 Douglas Drive, Suite 22B

Traverse City, MI 49696


Gwinn Office

K.I. Sawyer 125 G Avenue, Suite B

Gwinn, MI 49841


Manistique Office

7676W County Road 442, Suite B

Manistique, MI 49854



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