Open letter to our leaders

To the editor:

As elected officials it is your job to study verifiable information on various issues to make informed decisions on governmental matters that effect your constituents and inform and educate the electorate based upon facts, not feelings or baseless beliefs.

To date there is no verifiable election or voter fraud that would change the outcome of the 2020 election according to the following people or entities: U. S. Attorney General Barr, 50 state governors, 50 state secretaries of state, 61 suits in state and federal courts, 2 suits in the U. S. Supreme court, and numerous recounts and audits.

According to EAVS, election administration and voting survey of 2016, a U. S. government entity, the most current data available, there were 116,990 polling places and 917,694 poll workers. You may ask who are these poll workers and who oversees their work? The poll workers are paid temporary employees of state and local governments. They are our neighbors, friends and relatives. The people that oversee the poll workers are the Secretary of State and clerks for the counties and cities.

If you truly believe that there is significant voter fraud you are implying that more than 900,000 ordinary citizens are either part of a very large conspiracy to “steal the election” or they are inept mindless pawns being led by corrupt state and local governmental officials of the “deep state.”

You signed the Amicus Brief in support of the State of Texas V. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, et. al., (Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin and Michigan) stating that “Americans are losing faith in our systems, especially our elections, at an alarming rate. I’ve heard from numerous constituents over the past years, … concerned about these very things … voting irregularities, failure by election officials to follow current laws in place, and lack of security in absentee voting.”

There are millions of Americans that have been hoodwinked by the president, federal, state, and local elected officials, and conspiracy theorists into believing outright lies, half truths, and rumors about wide spread voter fraud.

The president, his minions, including you, are directly responsible for the violent attempted overthrow of the United States of America on Jan. 6, 2021.

One last thought; ff the Michigan election was a fraud then why should we believe you are duly elected representatives?


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