Thank you DMG

To the editor:

Thank you for the article regarding the Keweenaw Spay/Neuter Assistance Group’s Financial Assistance Program. We are grateful to get the word out to the community regarding the help that we provide to pet owners.

There are just a couple of corrections I would like to make—we provide financial assistance to pet owners who cannot afford the full cost of the surgery, not to people who can as the article stated.

Also, we currently have 175 pets on our spay/neuter assistance list, not 75. We will continue to add pets to this list and will be starting our fund-raising garage sales hopefully in mid-May, in an effort to raise more money to carry on this program.

We implore people to please bring your pet in to be spayed or neutered. It is especially difficult to find homes for cats, and every kitten born takes a home away from a cat that is already here and homeless.

Call Dawn at 906-296-9144, anytime for information on our Financial Assistance Program and thank you to all of our wonderful supporters.

EDITOR’S NOTE: We at the Daily Mining Gazette apologize again for the mistakes that made it into the printed version of our story on KSNAG last week. The updated version of the story is on our web site.

At the same time, we encourage readers to consider the work KSNAG does to be very important. Pets are a huge part of our lives.


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