Faith Perspective: God gives us free will, we put it to use

All the bad things happening to people around the world is not God’s fault.

There is absolutely no reason to believe God wants these things to happen.

There is sin in the world. Why is there sin in the world? Free will.

Do you want God to take our free will away? Do you want to be a robot only doing what you are programmed to do? Is that true living?

Maybe you want God just to take away free will for some people and not others? How would that work exactly? Does God kill every murderer or does He also kill the person who is thinking of murdering someone?

What happens when YOU want to do something and God decides you shouldn’t do it and He limits YOUR free will?

Does He stop all rapists or does He stop the way he was raised so he won’t become a rapist?

No,we must have complete free will or it isn’t free will at all.

So what does God do?

He promises to reward right living, and to punish wrong living, and He does that every second of every day.

He promises to be with us and help us when we are affected by someone else’s free will to do evil. He also promises to one day judge all evil and bring in a perfect world.

What else would you like Him to do? Free will is of utmost importance because God will not force us to love Him. When we choose to say yes to God’s calling upon us, we must come by our own free will, because love isn’t love unless it’s freely given.

Please stop blaming God and join with Him in this journey to the Holy Land.

Rachel Laurn



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