Rights, responsibilities

Letters to the Editor

To the editor: Now that more businesses have started to open we still have restrictions to pay attention to. Gov. Whitmer is doing her best to protect our lives, and responsibly return economic activity. The GOP solution now seems to be forget guidelines. Most countries have followed the ...

Are we in this together?

Letters to the Editor

To the editor: Almost all nations on Earth are governed by representatives of competing political parties. In normal times, there’s probably something to be said for people of contrasting views hammering out compromise solutions. But, we don’t live in normal times. In times of great ...

World must be wondering

Letters to the Editor

To the editor: The world must be wondering what’s going on in the United States. There’s ole Uncle Sam with two large black eyes. The first black eye was the result of a bungled approach by an incompetent president and cowering Senate to the COVID-19 pandemic resulting in perhaps doubling ...

Forgetting too soon

Letters to the Editor

To the editor: How soon we forget!  During the second world war, Japan attacked China and we, the United States stepped in and saved China from Japan’s destruction.  China proved during the Korean War that it did not want a Democracy on its border, so it protected N. Korea and killed ...

The press still fulfills its obligation


On Wednesday morning, the Daily Mining Gazette received a phone call from a reader, expressing her appreciation and extending her thanks on a series of articles the DMG published last week regarding a Houghton retail outlet that received much attention from the Houghton County prosecuting ...

Lowering America’s automotive standards


In March, the Trump administration implemented a new auto-emission regulation replacing a 2012 standard that required automakers to improve passenger vehicle efficiency. The new rule mandates an average fuel economy of 40 MPG by 2025, a significantly less ambitious target than the original ...