Winning Milestone

Garrett Neese/Daily Mining Gazette Houghton High School girls’ basketball coach Julie Filpus receives a certificate from Houghton-Portage ...

Many immigrants danced across the ocean

Society and technology are dynamic in that they are in constant change. And yet, the members of one society of one time period are very similar to those of another ...

A hockey player’s fate

To be 18, a professional athlete, and loved—who wouldn’t envy such an existence. Unless, luck suddenly turns on you, and in an unfortunate ...

Bible stands on its own

To the editor: In response to the letter from David M. Keranen title: “Humans devised biblical fables,” first of all I find Julian Jaynes the Pope and The ...

Local support for Heikinpaiva

See small truths all around us

Transparency equals credibility online, offline

Municipalities face dicey call on retail weed

Traumatized students need specially trained teaching

Can education make your career be robot-proof?

Do you support spending federal flood relief funds meant for the Copper Country for the border wall instead?

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