EGLE-UM energy webinar series schedules session on wastewater infrastructure and energy savings

The Clean Energy and Energy Management Webinar Series has added a new presentation in July to its portfolio of topics aimed at helping local governments to tap sustainability resources to facilitate incorporating renewable energy and energy efficiency into municipal practices.

Sustainable Wastewater Infrastructure and Energy Savings with SWIFt is scheduled from 1 to 2 p.m., July 13. The U.S. Department of Energy’s Sustainable Wastewater Infrastructure of the Future (SWIFt) Accelerator will explain how a partnership with the state of Michigan will help communities reduce energy consumption and adopt next-generation technologies at local wastewater treatment facilities.

You will also learn about the opportunities provided by SWIFt, including a new Wastewater Energy Management Toolkit, to help municipalities engage with their water utility and find ways to save energy.

There are three more previously announced webinars scheduled in the series:

Clean Energy Financing Through Michigan Saves, 11 a.m. to noon, June 17. Learn about the nation’s first nonprofit green bank and how it provides energy consumers with low-interest financing for their efficiency improvements through partnerships with private-sector lenders. You can register now for this webinar.

EPA Resources for Local Governments, 11 a.m. to noon, Aug. 11. An overview of the tools and publications provided by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to help local governments reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve energy efficiency and explore renewable energy options. You can register now for this webinar.

Experiences with Michigan Community Solar. Community solar is a hot topic in Michigan, but do you know what it entails? In this session, learn about the various definitions of community solar, what has been done in Michigan thus far and how low-income community members can benefit. Upcoming in September with date, time and registration to be announced.

The Clean Energy and Energy Management webinars feature local government officials from across the state who share with their peers success stories about improving energy efficiency or moving toward more renewable energy and the accompanying challenges.

You can access past webinars in the series on related topics such as energy benchmarking, building codes, energy audits, rooftop solar and planning for utility-scale renewable energy projects at the Community Energy Management webpage. The webinars are part of EGLE’s Catalyst Communities Initiative, which takes a multi-tiered approach to providing communities with the knowledge, tools and resources needed to take steps toward a just transition to decarbonization. Learn more at Michigan.gov/Climate.


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