Be vigilant of dangers, risks of meth

One of the less-celebrated designated days in November comes Friday, which is marked on the calendar as National Meth Awareness Day. Far too many in Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula need little reminder of the dangers this powerful drug can pose and the havoc it can ravage on users and their families.

As part of the Know Meth Awareness Day effort, the Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse/Mental Health Coalition will join with organizations across Wisconsin to use the day as an opportunity to learn more about methamphetamine use and addiction — and what can be done to avoid the problem spreading further in the community.

The group includes Marshfield Clinic Health System, Northwoods Coalition, and Alliance for Wisconsin Youth, in partnership with the Wisconsin Department of Justice and the Wisconsin Department of Health Services.

Meth has become more prevalent in Wisconsin, officials say. From 2011 to 2016, meth availability in Wisconsin increased 250 percent, according to the 2016 Wisconsin Methamphetamine Study.

“Our goal is to encourage people to talk to their children and family members about the risks and dangers of meth use and to get involved by supporting the AODA/MH Coalition in taking action to prevent meth use,” Florence County Sheriff Dan Miller said.

Community members are encouraged to participate in National Meth Awareness Day by:

•Talking to children, friends, and family members about the risks and dangers of meth use;

•Learning about the risks and get the facts about meth;

•Monitoring the use of pseudoephedrine, contained in some cold medicines, in the home;

•Refusing to purchase pseudoephedrine for another person;

•Reporting suspicious activity to law enforcement’s drug tip line: 1-800-622-3784;

Anyone who comes across a suspected meth lab waste should immediately contact a local law enforcement agency.


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