March in support of cops

To the editor:

Hey Hey Yoopers,

It’s time to stand up and speak out in support of our law enforcement officers before we happy-go-lucky self-righteous self-satisfied Yoopers are caught with our pants down.

We had a peaceful demonstration recently in Houghton. There were many young people there doing their thing, chanting that Black Lives Matter, and rightfully so. 

As I sat in the line of cars watching our local law enforcement officers skillfully and safely controlling the peaceful flow of demonstrators and traffic I thought of how much we took these officers for granted. I thought of how in these times of madness and chaos across our nation even in our peaceful Copper Country these young men and ladies are openly subject to a sudden life threatening assault without warning. They are truly brave!

Where were the young people demonstrating in favor of Cops Lives Matter for the Black and White police officers that have been killed across America in the last few weeks defending the right of these young people to safely protest and demonstrate against the horrific crime committed by those four bad cops in Minnesota? They weren’t to be seen.

I ask these young sympathizers where is the balance justness and fairness in this?

Fortunately the organized, paid agitators of George Soros and company did not learn of our Copper Country Demonstrations in time to join in otherwise Houghton and Hancock would have been subjected to the fire bombing looting and chaos visited upon St. Louis and other cities. 

Search out and read how the Residents of Coeur d’Alene, Oregon, peacefully but forcefully protected themselves in the last few days in support of law enforcement and against anarchy in their city.

Each and every law enforcement officer is carrying a heavy weight in his mind of the despicable injustice and wrongful murder of a fellow American committed by four of his brothers in blue.

So when you see one of our law enforcement officers on the road give him back his pride of service. Don’t hesitate to let him know you still have his back. Comfort him. Make his day with a blink of the headlights, a thumbs up, a wave and a smile, a kind word. Do it the Yooper way.


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