Ballot harvesting

To the editor:

A local political organization is promoting mail-in voting in our area. See the Gazette frequent “IRA” front page headers, and article dated June 11, 2020, plus occasional IRA yard signs.

To the contrary, it’s best for the integrity of our elections to adhere to past voting principles: vote in person on election day, or apply for and cast an absentee ballot, for legitimate reasons. Those being: in the military, or if you won’t be physically present on election day, or if you are physically unable to get to the polls (as many of our elderly can’t). Not because of fear.

Michigan’s former Secretary of State Johnson also questions the legality of mail-in ballots. The more people that have a hand in processing a paper ballot, the more chance there is for fraud, or loss of the ballot. Several states have rejected mass mail voting. Texas courts, for example, state that “fear” is not a valid reason for not going to the polls. Recent ABC news poll showed a plurality of Americans say mail-in voting is subject to fraud.

Ever wonder why it’s the Democrat Party pushing for mail-in voting. Obviously they see it to their political advantage. They reject voter ID. There is no possible way to physically check voter ID with mailed ballots.

“Ballot harvesting” is real. That’s where “volunteers” help people to vote, and collect ballots. Look it up on Google. This practice makes it possible for individuals to collect ballots, alter or dump them.

Perhaps not prevalent here in our area, but has happened in large metro areas.

Just recently, California’s 2018 Congressional elections were influenced by ballot harvesting.

Additionally, this extra volume of mail-in ballots to be tabulated is overwhelming for poll workers. And there is the concern “who’s doing the manual counting”? Remember Florida’s year 2000 fiasco?

Recently the CDC stated that we are no longer in a virus pandemic, they question if it is even an epidemic, as thankfully the number of deaths have dwindled.

If there is still any health concern at the November polls, 4 months from now, then mandate social distancing, provide masks if necessary. We do that now already, when we go to Walmart.

Mass mail-in voting undermines the confidence in our elections, regardless of the final outcome. Why cause that, if not necessary?

A fitting scripture for these times: 2 Chronicles 7:14.


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